As worship and fellowship are important aspects of our faith, your health is just as important and is our priority as we return to in-person services. 

Before leaving home

CONSIDER  If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have travelled internationally in the last 14 days, we ask that you join us for our online service. As well, if you are part of a particularly high-risk group (older adults, pre-existing health conditions, compromised immune systems, etc.), consider joining us online.

WASHROOMS  A single washroom will be available at church to ensure it can be sanitized after every use. So, plan your liquid and food in-take accordingly during your morning routine, before heading out to church. 

On Sunday Morning

ARRIVE EARLY  Plan to arrive at church 15 minutes early. Distancing measures will be in place in the parking lot and upon entering the building, so give yourself extra time for a smooth and safe return to in-person services.

PARKING  As you enter the parking lot at the back, you'll see people welcoming you back. Please leave one parking space between your vehicle and the next. This will help us maintain social-distancing in the parking lot. If there are several people in-line waiting to enter the building, stay in your vehicle for a few minutes before making your way to the door. 

BUILDING CAPACITY  In order to adhere to the 30% maximum capacity, we will be counting people as they come in and we will take down your name and coordinates if you are not currently registered with us.

ENTRANCE  A single entrance to the building (i.e. door in the back parking lot) will be used. This single point of entry will allow us to count and register people coming in. Upon entering the building, please put on a face mask or face covering. A mask is required for anyone who attends the service. Don't worry, even though your lovely smile will be covered, we know you are thrilled to be back and see everyone! Disposable surgical masks or fabric masks (purchased or home-made) are acceptable; be creative and choose a fabric that reflects your personality! If you do not have one, we will have a supply on hand for you. At the door, someone will be there to greet you and provide you with liquid hand sanitizer (if you prefer to use your own sanitizing product, bring it with you, let the greeter know and use it on your way in).

REGISTRATION  We will keep track of everyone coming in (adults and children). If you are not already registered with us or if we want to confirm that we have your up-to-date coordinates, we will ask you to provide your name, cellphone number, and email address.

SEAT ASSIGNMENT  Seating arrangements inside the auditorium have been modified to ensure proper distancing. You will be assigned a seat number and we ask that you please do not change seats. Out of an abundance of caution, we want to know where everyone is sitting. In the unlikely event that someone who attended a service developed flu-like symptoms, the information would allow us to promptly contact all who were in close proximity.  

COFFEE AND TEA  Our beverage area will remain closed for now. Let’s face it, with limited washroom availability, it only makes sense!

RESPECTING EVERYONE'S COMFORT LEVEL After six months of confinement in the safety and comfort of our homes, we all have a different comfort level with gathering in-person. By adhering to these social distancing guidelines and remaining at least TWO meters from others wherever possible, we demonstrate our respect and express our love and concern for the well-being of others.  

GREET EACH OTHER FROM A DISTANCE  Please walk directly to the auditorium and quickly take your assigned seat. We know you will want to see and greet your friends. We ask that you wave to them and chat with those around you while you remain seated.    

The Worship Service

LENGTH OF SERVICE  Our services will be approximately 60 minutes. ​  

WORSHIP  You may have heard that congregational singing in places of worship is discouraged by public health services, however because all will be wearing a mask, we feel comfortable allowing it.  

COMMUNION  We will continue to have communion on the first Sunday of the month. On these days, we will provide a communion kit as you enter so that we can safely participate in communion together. ​The kit contains a wafer conveniently tucked inside the lid of the grape juice cup.  

OFFERING  Offering plates will not be passed around during the service. We encourage you to use our safe and secure digital giving platform (Tithe.ly) on your smartphones. If you prefer to use cash or cheques, you can drop them off on your way out of the auditorium in the offering box. ​  

CHILDREN Children grades 1 to 6 will be dismissed to the gym after worship through singing. The door closest to the stage on the right side will be used to exit the auditorium. Parents with children will be encouraged to maintain the two-meter distancing as they make their way to the gym. Parents will re-enter the auditorium by the main entrance doors at the back in order to always maintain the same flow on points of entry and exit.

SANITIZING PRACTICES  Over the past months, the building was sanitized, top to bottom. To help minimize the sanitizing process after every service, unused areas of the church will be locked or roped off. Additionally, hand sanitizing stations will be found at various points so that you can sanitize your hands regularly.

End of Worship Service

EXITING THE BUILDING  At the conclusion of the service, Pastor Alan will provide instructions and our ushering team will guide you to exit in a social distant fashion through the doors at the front of the auditorium leading to the parking lot. Please do not exit through the doors leading to the foyer or the doors leading to the stairs if you are in the risers. Those sitting in the risers will be asked to use the stairs in the auditorium and make their way out through the front doors.  

SOCIAL TIME Though we normally would invite you to stay around and chat, we ask that you please do so in the parking lot — two meters apart of course! This will allow our team to immediately start to sanitize the facility.

WHAT IF OTHERS TAKE OFF THEIR MASKS OR ARE NOT FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES? Kindly ask them to put their mask back on or maintain proper distance. If they refuse to do so, please walk away and request assistance from a church staff member. ​  

IS IT SAFE FOR ME TO RETURN IN PERSON? We have done more than the government requires in order to keep you safe; however, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be safe. We will continue to provide online worship services for those who are not yet comfortable gathering in person. ​  

WHAT IF SOMEONE WHO ATTENDED A SERVICE CONTRACTS COVID-19?  The moment we find out, we will inform you that someone has tested positive. Therefore registering upon arriving at church is essential.