If you are attending this week, what safety measures can you expect?

The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. This is intended to inform you of what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of our church family if they choose to participate.  We are aware that some people may not be ready to venture out at this time.  It is important for every family to make the decision that is best for them.  For those that choose not to attend, we will still be providing the lesson videos and activity pages for your children to watch at home. Most of you may have already seen The Bridge's COVID-19 response measures that are being taken.  

We will have one ENTRANCE is at the back by the gym (SW Main door back of the building).  From there you will go straight to the auditorium through the foyer.  If you have to EXIT to go to the washroom or take your children to their program you will use our one EXIT (front WEST door at the front of the AUDITORIUM). Only one single washroom will be open for use and cleaned after every use.  This is in order to keep traffic flow in one direction in the building, to help with social distancing as well. Handwash and masks will be available.   


Due to the fact that social distancing is more difficult to understand at this age. This will be a parent-supervised class at this time.  

1. The children will all start in the auditorium with their families for worship.

2. They will be dismissed before the message to the gym (sectioned off designated area).

3. For attendance families have to check in at the check in desk, name tags will be handled only by you for your child(ren).

4. There is an area, set up, and a sectioned off area in the gym.

5. Tables are set up at a safe social distance.

6. One sterilized table will be designated to your child only when they arrive

7. Colouring pages, a box of crayons and a playdough will be provided (sterilized), they will take these items home with them at the end of the morning!

8. Masks will be provided for those that do not bring their own

9. Parents can also feel free to use the foyer to walk their toddlers (if they feel comfortable, as this space is only used for children).


Due to the fact that social distancing can be better understood by this age group, will have set up tables at a social distance in the gym for them.  There will be no active games to start the morning, but we will have a lesson and discussion together.  We may do a table game (e.g. Bible bingo), and the papers will be placed on the desk with the Department Leader.  

1. The children will start in the auditorium with their families for worship.

2. They will be dismissed before the message to The Gym.

3. Unfortunately there will be no active game time at this time.  We may play a table game like Bible bingo, or there will be a science experiment demonstration.  

4. They will sign in at the check in desk for registration, and name tags will only be handled by the families or a volunteer with gloves on.

5. They will have an assigned family table, that have been set up at a safe social distance.

6. Children will be expected to stay at their table for the duration of the class

7. They will be provided with activity pages, and a box of crayons, that have been sterilized and they will be able to take them all home at the end of class.

8. Parents will pick up at the end of the class, the check in Volunteer, will come to the door and call the child(ren) when their parents arrive, and they will meet them outside of the door.

9. Masks will be provided for everyone, if they did not come wearing their own.

10. Social distancing will be talked about and managed by the volunteer team.

11. Parents will respect social distancing when they pick up their children and they will be dismissed to their parents one family at a time.  


If a child has to use the washroom, they will use the INDIVIDUAL washroom in the hall way across from the gym. It is being disinfected after every use.  The hall monitor at the check in desk will supervise them leaving the gym and return at a safe social distance.