Our desire is to support families in their desire for their children to find their identity in Christ; to trust Him as their personal Lord and Saviour; and to learn how to live for Him everyday. 

Our departments are divided into age-appropriate groups to encourage the best learning environment for your children. 

It is our goal that each child would feel welcomed, and for children to experience a fun and safe environment where they can learn about God’s love for them through relationships, songs, games, crafts, and stories.


At the moment, we are going through The Gospel Project video-based curriculum. Children will learn at least one new thing that points them to Jesus, or that strengthens their knowledge and relationship with Him, every week. 

NURSERY: Ages 2 and under   

Nursery room is open during our Sunday Morning Service for parents of infants and toddlers to sit and view the service through our Closed Circuit TV System.  

PRESCHOOL/JK/SK: Ages 2 to 4; and SCHOOL AGE: GRADE 1 to GRADE 6  

Play and activity-based learning; reinforcement of simple Biblical concepts.  


In the best interest of the children, parents are required to drop off and pick up ALL children up to grade 6 at The Bridge Welcome and Check-In Desk. Parents will receive a name sticker and a number that corresponds with their child(ren), which must be returned for pick up.  

For more information, contact Debbie Hanks.

Church Reopening and Children's Ministry

We are very excited and have been working hard to get things ready for our in- person services since March. The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. 

For those that choose to attend for our in-person services, we have measures in place and parents will be notified regarding how Children's Ministry will resume on Sundays. If you have not received a communications email from our Director of Family Ministries, please contact Debbie Hanks.

We are aware that some people may not be ready to venture out at this time. It is important for every family to make the decision that is best for them. For those that choose not to attend, we will still be providing the lesson videos and activity pages for your children to watch at home.